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Roll It Gyal
posted   on 7/3/2007  |  Views:2084   |   Comments: 5

Comments 7/24/2014 10:46:28 AM

by darkcharm    |  on   5/2/2008
quintessential role model... rollin it means being independant and SUCCESSFUL
by darkcharm    |  on   5/2/2008
quintessential role model... idependent and SUCCESSFUL what more can i ask for
by Lucaya    |  on   1/21/2008
ehhh ya we love dis song in bahamas she has been on our air wave from i was child so rolllllllllllllllll keep rollin gal
by triniprince    |  on   8/27/2007
love it ...this gyal is boss love to meet this gyal
by LadyNii    |  on   8/26/2007
Roll it gyal.....independent woman with two sure rolling it....

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Alison Hinds

Ms. Alison Hinds was born in England on June 01,1970, raised by her mother and father. While back home in England , Alison was very involved in her school's choir. As a young girl, she often imagined herself in the entertainment field...>>