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Birthdate: 11/10/1977

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Trinidad & Tobago
Destra Garcia (born November 10, 1977 ) is a Trinidad and Tobago singer and songwriter. She specializes in the soca genre of music and has been labeled as the "Queen of Soca".

Destra is noted for her high energy performances, and harmonious vocal talent.

The oldest of four siblings, Destra was raised in the community of Desperlie Crescent, Laventille in eastern Port of Spain, and attended the St. James Secondary School where she discovered her passion for singing and music. She not only won the Calypso Monarch title for five consecutive years at her school, she composed every one of her songs.

At the age of 18 she joined a quartet called PSYKE which lasted for a year.

Upon the demise of the group, Destra attended the School of Business and Management earning a diploma in selling and sales management.

In 1999 Roy Cape took notice of her single album titled - “Ah Have A Man Already” with the group Third Base and invited her to join the Roy Cape All Stars Band as one of the lead vocalists.

She went solo briefly, but eventually joined the band Atlantik in late 2002. She remains the frontline singer for Atlantik and has forged a successful songwriting partnership with Kernal Roberts (until 2005 inclusive), churning out hits such as "Wha Yuh Want", "Negative Vibes" and "Bonnie & Clyde".

In 2003 Destra released her first album “Red, White, Black” which included her hit duet “It's Carnival” with Machel Montano. The song became the virtual anthem of Trinidad and Tobago Carnival and its popularity has not fallen.

Destra won the Road March title in 2003 at the Labour Day Carnival in Brooklyn and also placed third in the Trinidad and Tobago Soca Monarch competition.

She is yet to win either the Road March or Soca Monarch title in her native land. Despite this, she has become an icon in the local music industy, specializing in pop-sounding soca compositions as well as fusion music encompasing aspects of East Indian culture.

In 2006, Caribbean Beat magazine described Destra's music as "the kind of sound that a young person, living at the crossroads of cultures and technologies that is Trinidad and Tobago today, is likely to produce, and the breeziness of her music may well act as an antidote to the hard edge which often characterises life not only in Trinidad and Tobago, but in many other corners of the globe."

Also in 2006, the Digicel mobile telecommunications group named Destra as its spokesperson in a two-year partnership agreement.



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